This is a question that I get asked a lot by potential clients, and although I may be a little biased in my opinions I genuinely feel that there are several reasons why it is good to use a print manager. Here are my thoughts on three of those reasons:

1 ) It’s convenient..
A Print Manager will be able to offer a wide range of print solutions whether that be a short run of flyers or 1000’s of catalogues. Most printers will tend to specialize in a certain area. So you may have a project that requires several different items of various different configurations and quantities and if you deal with printers you may have to speak to several to get the best deals. However by dealing with a print manager they would be able to handle all of your requirements and know just how to deal with them. This will save you lots of time and hassle.
At AA Media we also offer a lot more than just print, such as exhibition stands, signage, promotional items and distribution so we can help with almost any requirement you may have.

2) It saves time..
I was speaking to a client once who was telling me about a time before we started working with him, and that he had wasted a whole day trying to source several items for a project he was working on. He had spent hours scouring the internet and making call after call trying to find companies who could provide everything he was looking for. It then took about 4 days to get all of the quotes together.
When he explained to me what the project was I informed him that we could have simply had a 10 minute conversation and I could have gone away and sorted it for him. And as I knew exactly the people I would have needed to speak to it would have taken me a fraction of the time and could have got him a price within 24 hours.
Now this might be an extreme, but in the current climate where all of our time is at a premium, would you rather send a print manager a quick email or spend even an hour of your own time to do the same job?

3) It’s cost effective..
A Print Manager will be able to produce your requirements in the most cost effective manner possible. For example the majority or printers may only have a certain size of press which will be competitive for some print jobs but will work out very expensive on others, a Print Manager will have access to a whole series of presses and finishing equipment which will cover any eventuality and will be competitive across the board.
A lot of people think that a Print Manager is going to be expensive to use because ‘they will charge a massive fee, and I may as well go direct’. All I would say to this is give them an opportunity to quote. I know many of my clients have to be very price conscious particularly in the current climate but they still use us because we are giving them the best price, for the best quality products and our level of service is very high. Also, at AA Media we do not charge a print management fee.
A Print Manager will also have very strong buying power due to the volumes of print they place so can quite often get a better deal than you may get going direct to a printer. I know as a Print Manager I have saved my clients thousands of pounds over the years.
We will also look at a clients overall usage and print spend, and we can advise on any cost saving measures we can make.

Our core objectives at AA Media are to give our clients the Best quality products for their needs, in the most cost effective manner possible. If you would like to discuss your requirements or just generally have a conversation about how we could help your business then please get in touch at [email protected] or 029 2000 3846.