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Category: Personalisation

Stop Wasting Time: Let Us Handle Your Sourcing Print Needs!

Are you tired of spending hours sourcing for print materials for your business? Well, it's time to put an end to that! At AA Media we are able to streamline your printing needs and save you valuable time. We'll delve into the exciting world of print sourcing (well it is for us anyway!!) and explore the benefits of outsourcing this task. We'll show you how you can focus on growing your business while leaving the sourcing of print materials to experienced professionals. Say goodbye to the countless hours spent hunting down the best deals and say hello to a hassle-free, efficient process. Imagine a world…

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USB Drive Sets for FAW

Here is a little USB Drive set we have produced for the FAW for the last couple of years. They use it to distribute the FAW rules and regulations around the football clubs in Wales. We supply them with a 128mb Twister Drive which is branded to both sides and the set is completed with a clear plastic case, which is also branded. We do a range of  around 36 stock USB drive sets, which can be supplied in various colours and memory options. We can even colour match parts of the plastic casing (subject to minimum orders) so the drives match your brand colours exactly. There…

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Promotional Pens for Cardiff Met

We were recently asked to source some Promotional Pens for our client Cardiff Metropolitan University. We have been supplying them with their Promotional Pens for a few years now but they had always had a particular style of pen and they initially had just wanted to re-order the same pens again. Unfortunately, that style of pen has now been discontinued so the client asked us to look into some different options. We had the same brief to follow as we had when they approached us initially a few years ago and we presented the client with six alternative options, three of these they decided to…

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