We produced these 3d Hard Enamel badges as the client wanted to present members of staff with one when they hit their 10, 20, 30 and 40 year milestones with the company.

How did we produce these?

From receiving the initial brief from the client we designed and presented them with a set of concepts to give them a range options to choose from.

While the design process was happening we were also going through the finishing options with the client. We provided several samples to the client showing the different styles of badge along with the different gold plating we could provide.

Ultimately, the client opted for the 3D Hard Enamel with Fake Gold plating. The Fake Gold plating was deemed to be more vibrant in appearance.

Once a design concept and finish was agreed upon we the proceeded to the 3D rendering and proofing, before delivering the final product.

Explore the images below to witness each stage of production.

Concepts 1
Concepts 2
Pre-Production Proofs
3D Render 1
3D Render 2
Final Badges