Packaging – the unsung hero of the consumer world, often overlooked but undeniably essential in our daily lives.

From the sturdy cardboard boxes that protect our online orders during transit to the sleek packaging that entices us to choose one product over another on store shelves, packaging plays a crucial role in shaping our purchasing decisions and overall brand experience.

Imagine a world without packaging: chaotic displays of products strewn about, vulnerable to damage and contamination. It is clear that packaging serves as not just a vessel for goods, but as a guardian of quality and an ambassador of brand identity.

We have developed and produced several different boxes over the years, as well as high quality Rope Handle Shopping Bags, Grease Proof Paper Bags and Sheets to name a few.

So, here are a few of examples of the work we have produced.

The Shower Lab

A Paper over Board sample display box for The Shower Lab. This needed to be sturdy enough to hold some heavy glass samples, but also represent the high quality product the the client provides. We also produced some sleeves to hold small metal samples and recently the larger glass samples.

NHS Welsh Language Services

A Plastic Box for use in hospitals as part a Welsh Language Pack we put together. It is plastic to enable the boxes to wiped down. The box holds various items including a booklet, posters and some magnets.

Procter Machine Safety

A board box for Procter. These were supplied as part of a pack of promotional gifts that the client wanted to distribute to their customers. Having the gifts in a box was a nice way to distribute them. These boxes were supplied flat for the client to lock together as and when required.


We were asked by the FAW to develop a Cap Presentation box. Every year each player that represents Wales earns a Cap and the client wanted us to produce something that could be used not only as something nice to present the caps in but also strong enough for those that would need to be posted and that would also work as a display for the caps once the recipient got home.

The Original Rosslyn Inn

We supply these A5 and A4 Greaseproof sheets to the client. These are used in their Bar area when serving food in trays.

Tiles and Baths Direct

We’d produced something similar for another client, but TBK saw them and wanted their own version. These are Printed Black onto a heavy weight paper, and a foil was applied for the branding. The rope handles give the bag a premium finish.