Point of Sale

I was in a shop recently and there was some interesting products that I liked the look of. But there was a big problem.

There was no information, prices or any other details on display. And to be honest it was busy and hot and I couldn’t be bothered to ask a member of staff. So I just walked out.

So due to a lack of easily available information on display the shop lost at least one sale that day.

It’s hard to get people into your shop or restaurant, don’t undo that work by not having the relevant point of sale material on display.

And funnily enough, we can help with that. Table Toppers, Menu’s, Posters, Shelf Wobblers, Shelf Edge Display, Floor Standing Signs, Wall Papers. Whatever you need to help your sales process we can provide.

Here are some examples of some work we have done for Ginsters.

Menu and Table Topper

Shelf Wobbler