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Large Format Display Handbook

Our Large Format Display Handbook for 2023 is now available to view here. Full of lots of fantastic products to display your product and brand in any environment. Whether, in an office space, store front, exhibition hall or outside there will be something to cover all scenarios. If you'd like to discuss any upcoming requirements get in touch on 029 2000 3846 or email [email protected]. DOWNLOAD PDF HANDBOOK HERE

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Why is Brand Consistency Important?

Brand consistency refers to the uniformity of a brand across all platforms, channels, and touchpoints. This means that a brand should have consistent messaging, visual identity, and tone of voice in every interaction with its customers. Consistency is a crucial aspect of branding as it helps in building brand identity and recognition. When consumers experience consistent messaging and visual cues from a brand over time, they are more likely to remember the company and develop an emotional connection with it. In addition to building brand recognition, consistency also helps establish credibility for the company. A consistent brand portrays professionalism and reliability which can ultimately lead…

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Programme Cover

FAW Cup Semi Final Programmes

It has been a very busy time recently with programmes and the latest one we have sent to print is the FAW Cup Semi Final programme. The matches are this weekend and the programmes are currently in production to be ready for delivery in time for the two games. The programmes have been designed using the FC Cymru branding which is carried through all of the programmes we are producing for the FAW this season. It gives a nice consistency of style across all of the programmes. Due to the size of the print run and short time frame these are being printed digitally. [caption…

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Cardiff Ardwyn Singers

We were approached by a couple of the members of the Cardiff Ardwyn Singers about book publishing as they were looking to¬†create a book telling the story of the choir which was about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. They had heard of us through a recommendation from a historical society for whom we had published another book a year so earlier. Cardiff Ardwyn Singers had the copy written and with our advice got all of their images scanned, and everything was presented to us to create the finished product. We began by creating a few cover designs and a few inner page layouts for the…

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Pencoed House Brochures

This is a lovely brochure we produced recently for one of the design agencies that we work with on a regular basis. It was for their client Pencoed House Estate, and the brochure is to promote their hotel as a wedding venue. The brochure was A4 landscape, with a minimalist cover where the branding and other text was produced using a Gold foil. We used a nice silk stock throughout which helped to bring our the quality of the images and the overall design.

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