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At My Best Strength Cards Packs


Name: At My Best Strength Cards Packs Client: Strength Cards Category: Print Website: atmybest.com

These packs are completely bespoke and involved us using several production sites to get to the finished product.

Site 1: The boxes consist of a heavy weight board which is die-cut, creased, folded and glued together with an overprinted wrap adhered to the outer.

Site 2: The Cards were printed on a 350GSM Silk and Matt Laminated. Each set consisted of 50 cards all of which had a different image to one side and different slogan along with a number on the other side.

Site 3: The printed card sheets were sent to a finishing house for die-cutting down into the individual cards.

Site 2: The die-cut cards and the boxes were then sent to site 2. The cards were collated into their sets of 50 and placed into boxes before being delivered to the client.